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Shutter Materials

All of the wood used for our shutters is made to the highest quality in order to minimise the risk of them warping which can occur when using natural materials.


GrandVay Shutters

Our range of premium shutters, are all made-to-measure in a wide range of colours to suit a variety of interior designs and to make your room look simply beautiful.



We have shutter styles to suit any window. No matter what size or shape GrandVay can provide a bespoke shutter to suit you.


Special Shapes

No matter the shape of the window. GrandVay can find a shutter to dress your room.

Bay Windows

bay windows
Beautiful square and Victorian bay windows can be transformed by made-to-measure full height, tier-on-tier or café style shutters.

French Door

Plantation shutters aren’t just for windows! shutters are completely bespoke so we are able to create cut-outs around your door handles. Fantastic for conservatories.

Track & Doors

The stability of a track enables you to create stunning room dividers and wardrobe doors, combining multiple panels in one smooth motion. Choose between bi-fold or by-pass.

Solid Panel

For a more traditional finish to your windows, solid panels block out the light when closed and provide an additional barrier to the outside elements. A classic look for period properties.

Shutter & Shade

shutter and shade
You’ll be out like a light with an integrated Shutter & Shade. Great for bedrooms, no matter what time of day.

Shutter & Shade

A daytime sleeper’s dream, the Shutter & Shade range is great for shift workers and children alike. These include a room darkening blind, sitting in their own channel behind stylish shutters, and block out nearly all exterior light. Once the blind is down, and the shutter panels are closed, you will see just how dark it becomes, with little to no light finding its way through.

This super stylish solution is perfect for night-shift workers needing healthy sleep during daylight hours, for people suffering from streetlight glare at night, or even film buffs trying to create an authentic darkened cinema atmosphere.

Styled to suit your tastes

Made to measure to for a perfect fit, the room darkening blind insert is available from a choice of 15 colours, and can be fitted for the Antigua, Fiji and Sumatra ranges. As the blind colour is only single sided, whatever choice of colour you choose, there will always be a neutral look for the street-facing side.

Sitting snugly in its own channel behind the shutter panels, you can say goodbye to virtually all external light coming in through your windows. Due to the honeycomb design of the blind fabric, the room darkening system is also an insulating choice for homes, with a foil lining helping seal away the sunlight.

Discover a better sleep environment today

If you struggle with light pollution at night, or need to sleep during the day, you can rest easy. The frame overlaps the blind, creating an exceptionally tight seal, meaning you can simply draw the blind, close the shutters and drift off into a perfect state of rest. With Shutter & Shade you can enjoy a stylish shutter to suit your interiors, combined with the practicality of a blackout product - the best of both worlds.

Discover the Shutter & Shade at Grandvay Solutions, designed to fit your interiors perfectly.

Key features:
- Superior light reduction
- Integrated for shutters
- Neutral street-facing colour
- Lightweight fabric
- Single honeycomb cell construction
- 15 room darkening blind colours
- Up to 28 paint colours and 20 wood stains
- Available in Antigua, Fiji and Sumatra ranges
- Custom colour option available with Fiji and Sumatra shutters

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