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Keep Your Home Warm This Winter With Shutters

With Autumn certainly here, it’s no doubt you will have put your heating on. But did you know around 35% of heat loss is related to your windows and doors? In this blog we are going to be telling you about the heat benefits shutters offer!

Shutters are becoming an increasingly popular window treatment for the modern age, and we can see why… Their stylish sleek design means they match with almost any interior and their easy to use mechanism provides no struggles. Plus, they are also easy to maintain, only taking a minute to clean.

But why would they benefit your home?

Well as well as the aesthetic appeal, shutters are said to reduce heat loss by around 45% which is a noticeable difference. When it comes to heating, your first port of call is normally to just crank up the thermostat, but shutters are long-term solution that does not require an ongoing cost.

Energy bills are something we all must deal with, but wouldn’t it be great to save yourself some money, whilst adding a stylish new feature to your home?

Here at GrandVay Home Solutions, we have a wide range of Shutters to fit your needs and home specifications. Plus, we also offer a no wait policy in which we can have your shutters surveyed, designed and installed all within 2-3 weeks, meaning you will have them in plenty of time before Christmas.

If you would like more information, you can get in touch by calling 01325 241817 / 07598 866411 or you can visit our website www.grandvaysolutions.com